Kevin Hulen

Finding and counting specific course sections

Discussion created by Kevin Hulen on Aug 17, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2018 by Stuart Ryan

Here’s an explanation of what I’m hoping to accomplish.


Specific sections of courses in Canvas have been Quality Matters (QM) reviewed. Our goal is to count the number of sections that have been QM reviewed by semester or by academic-year.

So, in order to identify these courses, I’m imaging these courses would need to contain some type of identifier, currently they do not. However, we could easily place an identifier into these courses if it was possible to then search for that identifier and generate a report.


Many years ago as a server administrator I was able to accomplish this by inserting a "sniffer" into emails we sent out to participants. That "sniffer" was simply a transparent gif that would communicate with our server when the email was opened. So it was easy to count how many copies of the email was opened.


Can anything like this be done in Canvas to get an accurate count of course sections that contain a specific object such as a specific image or line of text?