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Syllabus formatting becomes messed up on home page link for my f-t-f course

Question asked by Cheryl Brown on Aug 18, 2018
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We have a syllabus template already created for us via canvas that we are expected to use for both our face-to-face courses and our  ones. We were told this semester that the one for our face-to-face courses would no longer be available from the commons area so we had to copy and use one from a previous f-t-f course.  This has not worked out for me at least. Every time I save my syllabus, create a link for it on the home page, and then open it, the formatting is all messed up.  I did have to do a lot of cutting and pasting of policies and such into this syllabus.  I have gone back in several times and fixed the formatting errors, saved the changes as both a word document and as a download, and then added the revised doc as a new page in my course pages' listing.   I then link the revised document to the home page.  Once I click on it and open it, the previous formatting errors, i.e. additional spacing between words and lines, left alignment off, etc. are still there. I have attempted to fix everything several times now. I finally just removed the link and I'm relying on the syllabus that I have in the navigation menu (for student viewing purposes) as it presents itself correctly for the most part. Still, I wish I knew how to fix such things .