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Reporting on sub-account admins

Question asked by Peter Hess on Jul 8, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2015 by Ira Strauss

I frequently find myself wanting to get a report that lists all sub-account admins and the sub-accounts they "admin".


In the most recent case, I have an Admin role that I would like to delete.  I don't think anyone is in that role, but in case I'm wrong, I'm hesitant to delete it.


Or, sometimes people who I know have an admin role in more than one sub account change positions within the university, and I want to be sure I delete them from all of their sub accounts, but again I don't have a good way to confirm that I've hit them all.


I don't think any of the provisioning reports gets at this, or if so, I've yet to find it.  I could navigate down the sub-account tree, but in our instance that would be very tedious.


Any ideas? Or should getting an Admin report be a feature request?