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Campus-Wide Syllabus/Policies in Canvas Courses

Discussion created by Laura Gibbs on Aug 22, 2018
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Hi everybody! I'm not sure if this should be a question or a discussion, but I am wondering if there are examples out there of schools, especially universities, that use Canvas to distribute a kind of campus-wide syllabus with policies that the administration wants us to include on our syllabuses. On Wednesday (AFTER classes have started, and syllabuses are already printed for those who print them and teach on Monday or Tuesday), we got an email containing the letter below with the boilerplate kind of language they are suggesting we put on our syllabuses. Personally, that kind of bureaucratic language does not fit into my syllabus, but I understand its importance, and it seems to me there could be something like a "Campus Syllabus" in addition to the "Course Syllabus" which could be integrated into Canvas. So now I'm wondering if other schools do that...?



email from Provost with boilerplate language to include in syllabus