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Can import course 'issues' be cleared, rechecked, updated?

Question asked by lhenning on Jul 7, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2015 by Melinda Yerdon

I am new to Canvas so I know I have a lot to learn; however, I cannot find the answer to a question I have and wonder if this might be a new idea that should be submitted.  Here's the background:


I completed the transfer and update of materials from a Blackboard course into a new Canvas course. (We are currently using Bb but are going live in Canvas for Fall.)  My new course turned out well; some changes in layout and design- all dates, content, etc updated where needed.  I carry two sections of this class each semester- both online, both same duration.  So, I imported my newly completed course into the second section of the same class. 


The import went well; most materials went just where I wanted- with three exceptions labeled as 'issues' .  No worries- things happen. 


One issue was the 'matching' question in a quiz didn't translate (I have to figure that one out- if you know, please let me know...)  The other issues concerned links: "Missing links found in imported content- WikiPage body"  I followed the links to the pages indicated and (think) I corrected the issues. 


Now, I would like to run another test to see if I really cleared those issues.  How can I do that?


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