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Push notifications for Admins

Question asked by Peter Hess on Jul 6, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2017 by Peter Hess

Would it be useful for you as an Account Admin to be able push out urgent notifications?  What I'm imagining is an email sent ASAP to all users and a popup message that appears the first time a user logs into Canvas after the message is posted  Or is this too much power to place in the hands of an admin?  Do you think it would be beneficial to give Teachers a more limited "push" option, restricted to her course (of course) and perhaps that sends an ASAP email without the pop-up?  Perhaps it could be built around Canvas messaging by providing a way to pop urgent messages to the foreground.  Messages that appear in the Dashboard don't work for us, since our portal takes people directly to their selected course, bypassing the dashboard.  Even without the portal, people would use links to the course home page and skip the dashboard.