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Separating Content for 2 Sections

Question asked by Adam Lloyd on Aug 25, 2018
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I teach 2 sections of the same course; however, I have different assignments (and several different readings) for each section. Additionally, I have discussion boards with different prompts for each section. Is there a way for me to split my ELMS course in two? Or, even better, is there a way for me to post all of the assignments/readings and discussion boards in the one unified ELMS site and designate that only students in section 1 can see certain items and students in section 2 can see other items? I know that there is the "groups" feature; however, during the add/drop period I would need to be constantly changing who is in which group. Additionally, I'm not sure that the "groups" solution would work for my discussion boards (I don't want students in section 1 responding to students in section 2 and vice versa). Any advice? Thanks for your help!