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Importing Quizzes/Tests from ExamView

Question asked by Renae Stoudt on Aug 26, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2019 by Renae Stoudt

I use ExamView to build tests/quizzes because I have lots of my test banks there.  This year my school purchased the latest version that allows you to export your test/quiz directly into Canvas.  I used it once already for my Ch. 1 Quiz it worked beautifully (although I do not like how Canvas does matching sections- different topic).  Now I am ready to put in my Ch. 2 Quiz in but when I got to import it into Canvas the questions for Ch. 2 were put into the Ch. 1 Quiz and the Ch. 1 Quiz questions were deleted.  At first I thought not a big deal while annoying we already took the Ch. 1 Quiz so I guess I don't need those questions in there again.  Then I realized the real problem is that Canvas thinks my students have already taken the quiz.  


The files are named completely different things so I'm not sure why this is happening and while I could copy and paste the questions into a new Canvas quiz I create I think that defeats the purpose and is an inefficient use of my time.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!