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Sections: How do they work? Compliance training workarounds

Question asked by Elizabeth Oseid on Aug 26, 2018
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I have the unfortunate role of attempting to use Canvas for compliance courses, which it was not designed for, and each day I am looking for some kind of workaround.


Here is my current issue:

I have an annual refresher training course that approximately 800 people need to complete each year. The course name will never change, but the content will over time.This is what I am hoping to accomplish:


Create a section for 2018 which will have a quiz for 2018. Students will only be able to enroll in this section until I make next year's section and quiz  "live". My hope is that:

  1. This is possible and will have the effect that:
  2. when I am sorting grades, I will not run into the issue that some have had where Canvas cannot return very large gradebooks (gradebooks with 10,000+ enrollments do not open, because, as the error message states, there is a limit to awesomeness.)

In other words, as I am looking for who has completed the training this year, I do not have to sift through last year, and I can ensure that people are taking the correct quiz, which may change from year to year as content change.


It may not be feasible to simply create a new course each year, because I am told that my university will not be supporting the compliance courses after June 2019, so who is my admin that could add courses? Nobody knows. It will probably be possible to add courses, but it will be much more work than I have time for, because it will not be anyone's responsibility.