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Panopto Quiz not importing to Gradebook with Instructure LTI

Question asked by Life Blumberg on Aug 26, 2018
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Hi everyone,


I recently followed the instructions given for using the Panopto LTI in Canvas to automatically put the grades for any quizzes built in to the Panopto tutorials straight into the Canvas gradebook: Panopto Support 


However, when students take the quiz on the tutorial only SOME of the students grades are sent to the grade book. I thought that perhaps there was a time delay, and that it needed over night to import them or something, but not so. Here is a screen shot showing one of the tutorials in question. ALL of the students in the list have taken the quiz, but as you can see only some of them have their grade there.


It isn't that the process isn't working at all... It just isn't working consistently!


Has anyone else been using this aspect of the Panopto LTI? Have you received the same results, had the same problem?? Any feedback would be much appreciated!