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Same Multiple Dropdowns used multiple times in a question not showing

Question asked by Ken Matthias on Aug 27, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2018 by Ken Black

I have a quiz using multiple dropdowns that has a table where students will provide the life cycle of weeds. I am able to set up the dropdowns however, several of the weeds have the same answer and each time I add the same  code to the question the question, when previewing, shows the code I used instead of the dropdown.


Each of the life cycles that have the same dropdown code ([sa]) show [sa] when previewing instead of the dropdown. Each of the dropdowns have the same potential answers: B, CP, SA, SP, WA.

I have two questions on the quiz that have the same multiple dropdown issue (the second question involves numbers).


Can a dropdown code only be used once in a quiz?

The first of the [sa} dropdowns shows (Carpetweed) but the remaining pieces of the question that use that same dropdown only show the code [sa].