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Aligning Accreditation Standards to Rubrics - INVISIBLY

Question asked by Alicia Murillo on Jul 7, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2015 by Renee Carney

Our faculty have developed common rubrics to be utilized on key course assessments.  As a professional program this is critical for our state reviews and national program accreditation processes.  I would like to align the rubrics to our required accreditation standards and state standards behind the scenes on the rubrics to allow for a more authentic assessment. 

For example, when completing the rubric a faculty member may evaluate a student as performing at a "4" on a particular task on the rubric.  If that task is aligned to 1-2 standards behind the scenes (meaning by evaluating the one item, they are also providing a data point on a standards based assessment).


Currently, I have the standards in Canvas as Outcomes, but when I add them to the rubric it creates a whole new line item in that rubric.   It does NOT allow me to embed the standard (outcome) in an existing line of the rubric.  My goal is to avoid duplicate work on the part of faculty so that I can generate a meaningful learning mastery report.  Does anyone know a work around?