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taking lunch count daily

Question asked by Jennifer Bornemann on Jul 6, 2015
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I’m working on creating a google form for my students to take lunch count each morning.  Using Canvas, our learning management system, I want to share the link with them each morning.  I want the form to be available by a link.   On the form students will input their lunch choice (hot lunch, salad bar, pack).  I hope this will also serve as a way for students to ‘sign in’ for the day. Their entry would be date/time stamped. 


I want the student’s name to be automatically entered on the spreadsheet WITHOUT the student typing it in or selecting it from a list?  The form isn’t useful if it that is my option because they will type in someone else’s name or misspell their name.

We do not have google accounts or google emails.  Is there a way to use our Canvas login as the identifier for the student?



I appreciate your assistance.