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Where is the guide that shows instructors how to enable the new gradebook?

Question asked by Michael Barbour on Aug 29, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2018 by Michael Barbour

So I have looked all around at the release notes, all of the features at How do I use the New Gradebook? and all of the guides at New Gradebook Guide - Table of Contents, but I don't see a single guide that outlines how an instructor can enable the new gradebook to start with?!?


The process basically is:

  • Click on the SETTINGS item in the lefthand course menu.
  • Under the FEATURE OPTIONS tab, enable the "New Gradebook" option by click on the blue button so that it shifts from left to right and becomes green.


But I don't see any guide that tells faculty that they need to do that before they can do all of the wonderful things in the New Gradebook Guide - Table of Contents.


Just saying...  Or am I missing some critical guide somewhere?