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Why has the menu option to show rubrics in Canvas discussions been hidden?

Question asked by Melissa Childers on Aug 29, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2018 by Judith Reymond

We encourage faculty to develop rubrics for all graded activities in our online courses. Accessing the rubrics for discussions has always been somewhat more challenging than assignments, but once you know where it is - problem solved. We also often check the option "Users must post before seeing replies" if reasonable given the nature of the discussion prompt. 


After a string of concerned emails from faculty yesterday, I discovered that students no longer have access to the menu which provided the option to "Show Rubric" in the discussion. It does reappear for students that have made a post. Since we encourage students to review the expectations set by the rubric in advance, this forces a change. 


I'm curious. Since this seems to relate to the relationship between the "Users must post before seeing replies" option and the availability of the menu - Is this a permanent change or a temporary glitch?


Note: You can only witness the loss of the menu in student view.