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Echo Show won't launch Canvas skill

Question asked by Daniel Radulescu on Aug 28, 2018
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I am having problems with my Canvas skill on Alexa device! I For University of Hull, is Canvas Skill live now?
When I say, "Alexa, open Canvas", DOT (or Alexa) gives me the message "sorry, I'm having trouble accessing your Canvas skill right now" !

I folowed the procedure to enable Canvas on my Alexa devices. (Echo and Dot)
I enabled the Canvas skill in the Alexa app , entering my institution's Canvas name and the app directlly showed my Canvas acount email and authorising name to my canvas account.
I dissabled the lock skill with a security pin, and I completed account linking, and I received the message that "Canvas has been successfully linked"
What can I do to have an working Canvas skill on my device?

Thank you.