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API to get all Grade Column Scores per ID

Question asked by John Ligda on Aug 29, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2018 by Peter Love

I'm new to API programming this year but have built out a few using SQL Server/SSIS and and extension called Zappysys. I develop in POSTMAN and transfer to the SSIS task. It's fun.


I'm trying to get all scores per course.


In POSTMAN I'm getting

a list of courses

a list of assignments per course


Are all columns in the 'grades' considered 'assignments'.  I don't see the calculated columns.  What I need is every column, weather calculated or an assignment, pivoted per student. And, of course, the entered score.


I'm not sure where to go in the API for this? Any help? 



At the very least I need the ID and each column in the grades, listed as ScoreName and the ScoreValue.