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How do I change the visual design of a Canvas module?

Question asked by Ryan Eichberger on Aug 30, 2018
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I'm currently planning my Fall 2018 Canvas course, and I'd like to make use of Modules for my teaching. However, I'm having a conversation with some of my colleagues, and we all seem to have hit a wall with modules in that we find the  the existing module design rather visually dense and not user friendly. Currently, modules don't seem to make use of white space or other design elements to simplify and differentiate elements into clear hierarchy. Since this is a course in technical communication and user experience design, and I'd really like to present students with something that promotes better user experience. For instance, designs like the one here look more elegant, clear, and less crunched together. Is there a way to alter module design, particularly for any users in my cohort who aren't necessarily advanced with CSS?