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Discussion created by David Bastedo on Aug 29, 2018
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Does anyone know much about observers?  I find information about this in the guides, but I don't see the availability in my iteration of canvas that our college is using.  My challenge has been to allow students who are having difficulties registering for my course to be able to see pages in canvas that are relevant to keeping up with the content.  They don't really even need to participate.  I can catch them up with those elements after they are registered.  The challenge is helping them keep up with their work while waiting to register.  I was hoping that there was a guest function in Canvas.  It seems like the observer function is similar.

 It was suggested that I could make my course public so that any student outside the course but inside the college could see everything in my course.  I am open to that, but wonder if there are any potential difficulties in making the course public.  So I have two questions.  Any difficulties with public courses?  AND  Is the observer role possible in any version of canvas?  Does it need to be implemented by the administrators?  How would it potentially be implemented?