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Why can't I access  Quickly attendance through my Safari browser?

Question asked by Joan Huckstep on Aug 29, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2018 by Matt Hadgis

When I click on Attendance, a Quickly window pops up and asked me to Authorize showing my name and university email.  When I click Authorize, I get the message:

"Oops! Domain not recognised.
Please relaunch the application.
Note: Please make sure your browser allows Third Party Cookies!"
I have done everything I can think of in Safari preferences and Mac system preferences (i.e. turning off content blockers, unchecked block all cookies) for the Canvas website.  Nothing works.  I can access Quickly on Chrome and I set up the attendance in my Grades tab.  But, when I go to Canvas through my Safari browser, nothing appears in attendance and I go through the above process on a loop.
Help, I use Safari as my default browser and it is really inconvenient to have to conduct my entire course in Chrome.