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How to enter a test that is Pass or Fail based on a 90% passing grade

Question asked by Jennifer Feighert on Aug 30, 2018
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Hi everyone,


I am new to Canvas and trying to figure out how to enter a Calculation Exam that is not weighted as a percentage of the students grade, but instead as a pass/fail.  Right now I have entered it as 0% on the weighted grade list but need to figure out how to put in the details.  Below is some details on how we grade:


  • 70%  - 6 Unit Examinations
  • 5% - Assignments
  • 5% - ATI Comprehensive Exam
  • 20% Comprehensive Final
  • P/F   Calculation Exam (they must get a 90% on this test in order to get a passing grade).  They also get 3 attempts to take this calculation exam, if there is a way to also add this?


So how would I enter the Pass or Fail along with the ability to enter their grade (ex: 90%) that would hopefully in turn automatically give them a P?


Hope that all makes sense,