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Is there a way to stop Canvas from altering file names?

Question asked by A Smith on Aug 30, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2019 by Stefanie Sanders

I am running into some severe issues with Canvas changing file names, and it's becoming frustrating and adding to the time I spend grading.


I teach computer science. Students are turning in their source code to me, written in the Java language. Java has a very strict rule: the name of the "class" contained in a file must match the file name. So today during lab students were expected to turn in a file with a class called HelloWorld. This must be in, and if it's not then the code is invalid and will not run. Thus, I penalize students who turn in any file with a different name--it's very important that they get used to these strict requirements as they learn to program.


However, Canvas changes the file names around at will, and I can't seem to stop it. This just isn't acceptable: it breaks the students' code. It tacks numbers on the end, such as,, etc., when they resubmit. Also, when I download the entire class's files, It prepends the students' names (along with some numerical code) before everything.

Moodle did this the right way: students' submissions were located in different folders when downloaded all together, leaving the file names untouched. Further, it didn't do this crazy -1/-2/etc. thing on resubmissions. The name of the file that the student turned in is the name that I saw, and the code didn't break. Is there any way I can get Canvas to stop changing the file names like this?