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File Upload Issue - Uploading via URL  

Question asked by Premchanth GnanaKannan on Aug 31, 2018
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Facing issue in file upload using Uploading via URL approach:


I am following the below steps:


Step 1: Initialize Post request to

Request Body:

url: "my_file_path"  // This file refers to file in cloud storage which is public

name: "my_file_name"


parent_folder_path: ""

size: 5464657


Response from canvas ( 200 OK)

"file_param": null,
"progress": {
   "id": 2657345,
   "context_id": 21696702,
   "context_type": "User",
   "user_id": 21696702,
   "tag": "upload_via_url",
   "completion": null,
   "workflow_state": "running",
   "created_at": "2018-08-31T11:45:54Z",
   "updated_at": "2018-08-31T11:45:54Z",
   "message": null,
   "url": ""
"upload_url": " edited",
"upload_params": {
   "filename": "my_file_name",
   "content_type": "video/mp4",
   "target_url": "my_file_path"


Step 2: If I check the upload status using the URL from the previous API response, the workflow_state is always running


File is not uploaded to canvas.


I am new to canvas. Please Help me.