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File Upload Issue - Uploading via URL  

Question asked by Premchanth GnanaKannan on Aug 31, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2020 by Benjamin Selby

Facing issue in file upload using Uploading via URL approach:


I am following the below steps:


Step 1: Initialize Post request to

Request Body:

url: "my_file_path"  // This file refers to file in cloud storage which is public

name: "my_file_name"


parent_folder_path: ""

size: 5464657


Response from canvas ( 200 OK)

"file_param": null,
"progress": {
   "id": 2657345,
   "context_id": 21696702,
   "context_type": "User",
   "user_id": 21696702,
   "tag": "upload_via_url",
   "completion": null,
   "workflow_state": "running",
   "created_at": "2018-08-31T11:45:54Z",
   "updated_at": "2018-08-31T11:45:54Z",
   "message": null,
   "url": ""
"upload_url": " edited",
"upload_params": {
   "filename": "my_file_name",
   "content_type": "video/mp4",
   "target_url": "my_file_path"


Step 2: If I check the upload status using the URL from the previous API response, the workflow_state is always running


File is not uploaded to canvas.


I am new to canvas. Please Help me.