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Student submissions not showing up on Canvas Teacher iPad app

Question asked by Daniel Russell on Aug 30, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2019 by Michelle McGeough

I have three sections of a class merged into one class on Canvas.  I have several homework assignment for which students submitted PDF scans of their written work for me to mark up and grade.  When I use the Canvas Teacher app on my iPad Pro, I get a message that "28 need grading" but only 26 student submissions show up. I cannot find the other two students anywhere.  If I click on their names from "People" on the iPad Canvas Teacher App, I can see that these two students have submissions that need grading, but when I click on their submissions, I get a message "it seems that there isn't any valid submission to grade".  However, when I access the same homework assignment through the SpeedGrader app on a web browser on my desktop computer, I can see the submissions for these two students just find, and their submitted files are valid PDF files which I can view and mark up through the WebBrowser SpeedGrader just fine.  I just cannot see these students' submission on the Canvas Teacher app on my iPad Pro.


Has anyone else experienced a similar problem?