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Downloadable file with names dates AND grades?

Question asked by Elizabeth Oseid on Aug 30, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2018 by Elizabeth Oseid

Can I download a file with names, dates AND grades?


Now I can see how many students have completed a quiz thanks to @James Jones for his script, UW-Madison College of Engineering for convincing the UW Canvas admins to include it in as a feature, and finally to @Sally Hagen for telling me that it was there under my nose.


That is one issue sorted, but now what I want is to have the file with names, dates AND grades. Anyone have any magic to get these three things all in one place. Would that I could download the Gradebook History - that would do the trick, but alas, I can only get dates and names.


I know, give me one thing and I will want more!