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Courses with Continuous Enrollment

Discussion created by Elizabeth Oseid on Aug 30, 2018
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I know I am an odd duck in the Canvas world - I design open enrollment compliance courses. Some characteristics of the courses:

  • May need to be taken annually
  • Need to retain the name, date taken and score - looks like I can get this from Quiz Statistics
  • Content and quiz may change year to year depending on regulations and violations
  • Needs assurance that enrollment and grade data are retained in perpetuity


My work flow for designing a course:

  • I design the course content and quiz
  • my colleagues take the course as students, because the student view doe not show us what a student actually sees.
  • I get feedback
  • I tweak the course and quiz
  • Repeat until satisfied

What I have learned is that editing my quiz after students have taken it breaks my course. It caused the quiz to be "locked" and no amount of toggling the lock-unlock function would fix the issue. In fact, if I mislabeled a quiz answer as "incorrect" and go back and change the answer to "correct", now each person who takes the course sees a big banner that says this question has been regarded. Students will find this confusing, and though no "real" students have taken the course, canvas does not know this and so I am stuck with what? Asking for a new course? The second one in a week?

What happens next year when some student will take the course for the first time and others will be on their second time around. Some will have a perfect score of 14 questions, others a perfect  score of 28 total p.


What do people do to test their courses prior to release? How can I change my quiz without mucking up my course? What do I do about next year, when some will have taken this years training, but not all.