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CanvasCon 2018 - What do you want to ask the Community Panel?

Discussion created by Stuart Ryan Champion on Aug 30, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2018 by Bobby Pedersen

Howdy everyone!

We are at that awesome time of year again where we get to come together for CanvasCon Sydney! On this year's panel we will have Jayde Colquhoun, Bobby Pedersen, Barrett Doran and myself! We may have another surprise video visitor as well (but you will just have to come along to see).


In the spirit of this, I wanted to find out what questions you would like to ask the panel? Throw anything at us, I would also ask, what are the questions you would want to ask the community on the day? We are looking at utilising some interactive tools to get realtime feedback and questions from everyone during the session.


Look forward to hearing from you all!



(Also, if you haven't already seen, please check outJacob's post CanvasCon Networking Monday Night 10/9/18, if you would like to network the night before)!