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Integrating an LTI App For One School

Question asked by Don Lourcey on Aug 31, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2018 by Tracey DeLillo

Hello fellow Canvas Admins,


Our curriculum team purchased a school license for Flocabulary. This LTI Tool does have integration possibility with Canvas. She has provided to me the subscription key and secret key. I can't install this app across our organization because it is a single site license. I would like to install this app to a sub-account for that school. Is it possible to do that? I thought about seeing if the Sub-account admins had rights to do that for that sub-account and they do not, unless I am missing something in the permissions.


Does anyone have a suggestion as to how to make this happen for a single school? I thought about creating a demonstration video for teachers at this school to be able to install an app with the Keys they need, but I can't even find the app when I search Canvas or other LTI Tools. Flocabulary has a section on their website that show instructions about this integration.


Thank you for your help.