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Troubleshooting ARC Audio with a USB Microphone

Question asked by on Aug 31, 2018
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I am hoping that someone can assist me. I am trying to use ARC to screen capture a presentation. I have a microphone that I am using which plugs into my computer via USB. When I select record in ARC the usual pop up comes on. I proceed to select the microphone that I plugged in, address audio levels which are being picked up based on the green indicator. I also select computer audio for a video I use in the presentation. However, when I go to record myself and play that back there is no sound. This is also the case when I recorded a test video. The audio quality without the microphone, based on the default mic on the computer is poor but you can hear it at least. What am I doing wrong or what do I need to do to make this work and improve the audio quality using this microphone? 


Thanks to those that help me arc