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With Speedgrader, I end up grading assignments TWICE - How can I eliminate unnecessary step?

Question asked by Jay Lewenstein on Sep 3, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2018 by James Jones

Hola Canvas,


Today, I have a question about Canvas grading – I feel like I’m having to grade a lot of these assignments TWICE.  Below, I try to provide a step-by-step description of my grading process: 


  • First, I go to Canvas grades
  • With the first student, I click on the “more details in SpeedGrader” link – this allows me to post a score for each student and leave a comment (if I so desire).
  • After I grade each student, I click on the right-pointing arrow in the upper right-handed corner of the page – this will take me to the next student’s submission.
  • In this manner, I proceed down the list of students – it works!


Here is my problem:

  • After I grade an entire column of student submissions, I have to GO BACK and re-submit the grades.
  • I’m always asked to “update grade.”
  • This means I submit the grades TWICE.


Here is my question:

  • Can you help me eliminate this second step to grading?
  • Can you help me become more time-efficient in my grading process?


Please let me know.  I’ve planned a lot of assignments this semester for a lot of classes. If I could be more efficient with my time, I could invest more effort in my feedback to each student.

Thank you for all you do.