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"Student View" is not always the student's view

Question asked by DWANE CHRISTENSEN on Sep 1, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2018 by James Jones

The Instructor's "Student View" is not always the Student's View. For example, the Instructor's "Student View" has no trouble seeing embedded images on a page or in a quiz whether or not the image is 'published', but a student needs the instructor to publish any image that will be embedded in a page or a quiz in order to see it. The instructor is tricked into thinking all is well, and students will be able to view what the instructor sees in the Instructor's "Student View."  Not true! Beware!  Canvas will only work with all images published--Canvas might as well just get rid of the unpublish option for its images since this can only cause problems for everyone. 

It would be nice if Canvas had a "Suggestions for Improvement" or just "Known and Unresolved Problems" page.