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Quiz Stats and Access Codes

Question asked by Sarah Kinne on Sep 4, 2018

An instructor I'm working with is also having issues viewing quiz statistics for a pre-test generated from a test bank.


When she tries to view the quiz statistics, she can generate the "student analysis," but the "item analysis" is empty and she receives a message stating that, "this report has never been generated."


All of the questions are multiple choice (I know only multiple choice and T/F questions are supported by the quiz stats tool). There are 10 total questions and maybe 25 students taking the pre-test, max (I know that over 100 questions or 1000 submissions causes the quiz stats to bug out). 


Other instructors have used the same pre-test, from the same test bank, and have successfully generated the Item Analysis report. Both have the and Quiz Log Auditing turned on. The only difference I've noticed between this instance of the pre-test and others is that the instructor required students to use an access code to take the quiz -- that couldn't have impacted the stats, could it?


Thanks for any insight you may be able to provide!