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Students retaining access to Canvas after course completion

Question asked by Naomi Enever on Sep 5, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2018 by Rick Murch-Shafer

Hi BrainsTrust


If a student creates an ePortfolio through Canvas, and shares the link with the class and Trainer, I understand that it can used as an assessable item as long as I create a tick&flick in the Assessment section of the course. 

I also understand that a student can zip.file the ePortfolio to take with them once the course is complete however, this now becomes a "skeleton" file with minimal formatting and working links. And it looks terrible so the student wouldn't be able to show it to a potential employer.


My question is: once a student is removed from a Course by Admin, does the student then lose all access to Canvas and their ePortfolio? Or is Canvas savvy enough to retain access to the student's personal account?