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How do I have students submit work in canvas via OneNote Class Notebook

Question asked by Pat Ritter on Sep 6, 2018
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I have installed the Class Notebook LTI for my canvas courses, set up the notebooks, and mapped them with the canvas courses and students.


Here is what I am trying to do.


I create a reflection assignment in canvas, and have the submission method set to the external tool setting and mark OneNote Class Notebook as the external tool. I finish creating the assignment, and post.


Students view assignment page, and can indeed see the integrated Onenote box, they sign-in and follow assignment instructions by writing me a reflection in the desired location.


When I view my grade book in canvas it shows the assignment, but doesn't show that students have submitted anything. How can I set this up so that I create an assignment via canvas, have them complete it in onenote, and have it pull automatically to my grade book?


Am I misunderstanding the way the tool is used?