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"Institution view-able" pages in the mobile app

Question asked by Thom Gilbert on Sep 6, 2018
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Can anybody point me towards a solution with getting institution view-able pages to work properly in the Canvas app? We are using canvas for things like Library and support service pages as well as academic courses. 


This doesn't produce many issues when using a web browser, but we are finding that making a Library "course" that all students can access but aren't enrolled in cause problems in the mobile apps. 


I have worked out it is to do with institution view-able pages and the behavior of the "home page" when you are not enrolled in the course. If I enroll myself in the Library as a course, the problem goes away. 


We would rather not enroll all students to each of these support services and if that is the solition, what is the point of institution view able pages? 


Maybe I have missed something obvious..... any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.