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Tableau - Radial Bar Chart

Question asked by Robert Carroll on Sep 6, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2018 by Robert Carroll

Playing with new tools...


I'm trying to create a visualization that shows student submissions, differences between full-time and part-time  students in a 24 hour clock...


I'm having trouble setting the 2 data sets, beside each other, or stacking them so both are visible. Part time student numbers are less than full time student numbers in most cases, but you can see that little sliver of Orange at 1AM. I want to be able to see both all the time. Can anyone guide me to either rotate 1 data set a few degrees so both are visible or stack the smaller bar on top of the larger bar?


edited, because my x and y were backwards, now 12AM is at the top center.

This is what I haveThis is what I want (á la Photoshop)


  • 3AM was removed, an LTI we use sent all submissions back in batch in the middle of the night
    - The issue has been fixed but these are SY17-18 submissions
  • Represents about 585K rows of student submissions from Canvas Data
  • Corrects for PDT/PST from UDT
  • Does not correct for individual students who were traveling out of local time