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Course Sections in Catalog

Discussion created by Andrea DiVirgilio on Sep 7, 2018
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In Catalog there is the option to set multiple sections.  However, the student cannot choose which section in which to enroll, which would be a great option. Instead, the students are automatically placed in the first available section, and when it's full, the next registrations are put into the next section.  I was wondering if there's a way to make it an option, for the student to choose which section they want, be it by date, topic, etc.  


For example:  Continuing Education for Emergency Medical Technicians has multiple sections by topic/date.  I would have to create a course for each section, the way the process is structured now.  It would be optimal to be able to create the course once, and the add a section for each of the topics, and then the student could register for the particular section they need.


It's not unlike an Academic course, say French 101, that might have options to attend in the evening, on Saturday, or during the day.  Or at a different location.