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Quiz/Calendar problems

Question asked by Jeff Sellers on Sep 7, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2019 by Jeff Sellers

I assigned a quiz to my Science class today.  Students couldn't find it anywhere.  Turns out, if you create a quiz while in the calendar, it's not in the same location as if you create it in a module.  Seems dumb to me, but that's the way it work.  The problem was this---3 of my students in that class didn't have it on their calendar.  One of them went to the online version and it showed up there, but not in the Canvas app.  WHAT IN THE WORLD? 


Self-admittedly, I am not good at Canvas....the layout just makes zero sense to me, even after using it for a month.  However, I have yet to have a successful quiz experience.  This time it was students not getting the quiz.  Before it was students getting the quiz 3 minutes after everyone else.