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Canvas Inbox and JAWS Screen Reader

Question asked by Champion on Sep 7, 2018

This morning Julie Lotto and I were working with a student who uses the JAWS screen reader to navigate around the Canvas environment.  He was having difficulties navigating around the Canvas Inbox.  From what I observed, he was able to have JAWS read the preview section of the Inbox (the stuff in the left frame), but navigating over to the actual message in the larger right-hand frame was an issue.  I was not very familiar with how JAWS worked, and so I wasn't able to accurately tell him an easy way to read messages in his Canvas Inbox using keyboard shortcuts.  Does anyone know how this can be accomplished?


Note: I have already passed along the link to the student for Accessibility within Canvas.  The student was also using Internet Explorer because that is what works best for him when using JAWS.