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Google APP LTI Gives editorial control to students.

Question asked by J D Wilson on Sep 7, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2019 by J D Wilson

I am using the LTI Google Apps extension to add course documents directly into my Canvas classroom (this using the google icon in the Rich Content Editor. I have created a student account for myself using a different email address and different login credentials so I can experience the course as students do. When I log in as a student the course opens into the "Teacher View" with the editor activated. The same is true for the students when they login. I find that students can edit the course documents just as I can and the changes they make change the documents in the course for everyone, they have the editing privileges of teachers. How do I fix this? I have looked at my permissions in Google and they do not give anyone else editorial privileges. I can see no setting in the course that gives students editorial privileges. All students are enrolled as students, I am the only teacher according to Canvas. Is this a problem I can fix? I have put my other courses together using the "Publish to Web" feature in Google Docs and they do not have this problem. But I found it quicker to use the Google Drive feature in Canvas, so used that in my current course. So problem appears to be in the way the Google doc is processed by Canvas using the LTI app. As I said earlier, can this be fixed?



J. D. Wilson, Jr.