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How can we get Rubrics to do what we want?

Question asked by Brent Scholar on Sep 7, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2018 by Brent Scholar

I am migrating from Blackboard to Canvas and am disappointed since all I have heard is how GREAT Canvas is. However, it seems the simplest of things it cannot do when it comes to rubrics. For instance, why can't I create a new row in a rubric and then move it from the bottom to where it belongs in the rubric, without redoing the entire rubric? Also, why does Canvas think it knows best on how to organize our columns. If I want to have a column which states not completed, which is intended for a section of an assignment and have it worth zero points, and have a column which says no submission, because the student just did not turn in the assignment at all for zero points, and build it that way, why does Canvas decide it should be alphabetical so no submission column appears before the not completed column. If I want to have the two columns then I have to give points to someone who did not complete a section of the paper. Why would you program something as simple as this to do this? How can this be fixed?