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Rubric Disappearing

Question asked by Susan Valot on Sep 8, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2018 by Susan Valot

I am having a rubric issue.  I created my Canvas assignment and added the rubric before bringing in TurnItIn for the assignment.  (It is a Canvas rubric for the speed grader.)  I can use the rubric for grading.  However, I'm having a strange problem with it on the student end.  If students are in "Pages" AND the module where the assignment is has not yet been "made visible," they can see the rubric.  But once the assignment/module becomes visible, the rubric disappears (even in Pages), although it is still available for me to grading.


How can I fix this?  (As a workaround, I made a new zero-point assignment labeled as the rubric, so they can see it.  But this is a clunky workaround.)

So these are the steps of what I did:
1) Create assignment with rubric.

2) Go into assignment and add TurnItIn.

3) Save and publish, with the assignment becoming available at a certain date.

4) Once visibility kicks in, rubrics on students' side disappear.


I was wondering why my students were so confused!