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Cross-listing and Re-uploading assignments

Question asked by LAUREN WALDRON on Sep 9, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2018 by LAUREN WALDRON

So, I've decided to cross-list my courses, but the school year has started and students have made 3 submissions so far. I'm trying to figure out my best timing. 

I want to keep their submissions, so I was going to download them all so that I can have access to them in the future. But, as I was playing around with downloading, I realized that there is a re-upload submissions option. What I am trying to figure out is this. If my courses are identical, so they have the same assignments, would it work to try and re-upload the submissions once my classes are cross-listed? Then, students' work would still be accessible in the same place. 


I realize that I probably need to make sure it's all graded and recorded first, as I'm sure all of that will disappear. But it would be amazing if I could just click re-upload and have those files reassign to their students.