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Viewing feedback for an individual student across all courses

Question asked by James Turner on Sep 10, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2018 by Jago Brown


We are considering extending the functionalities of Canvas and would like to check with others to see if this is a shared interest, or even something canvas is considering. 

The problem:

It has been well documented in research for many years that students have issues in terms of; engaging with, understanding, and taking actions based on their feedback. An interesting recent paper on this is by Carless and Boud. In the VLE, feedback tends to be at the course assignment level, and not easily accessible. This makes it difficult for tutors and students to get an overview of the common and useful aspects of feedback across their course over the years.

The Solution:

We haven't started to explore the actual detail of how we will build this but, we would like to surface the details of the feedback as much as possible. Perhaps in a single page, we could offer all the text feedback and rubric selections from all the canvas assignments and links to any LTI's. We would consciously suppress the importance of marks and highlight what has been offered in support, along the lines of Black and Wiliam's work. This space would then offer annotation tools to encourage the student to develop a plan shared with their tutor.