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Can I create multiple Personal Calendars?

Question asked by Anna Kong on Sep 10, 2018
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Any events I add to the Calendar can only be added to my personal calendar or to a group calendar (the only options in the dropdown menu). 


I was hoping I could create my own custom personal calendars and assign them with different colors.

For example: a calendar for exam dates, meetings, appointments, reminders, etc.


I've found I can do this by creating an invitation-only group in one of my classes and use the group as another "personal" calendar, but I'm not sure if the events I add to it are shared with the group or private. I also don't want to create random private groups within the class just for this purpose.


I know I can export Canvas to Google Calendar and use their system to add custom calendars, but I would really prefer to do it all in Canvas Calendar, as it would be more convenient for me.


Thanks in advance for any possible advice.