Canvas Improvements Needed

Discussion created by PHILLIP BECTON on Sep 9, 2018

I'm a student using Canvas, and although I'm more use to the BlackBoard user interface, Canvas seems to be sleeker with a bit more annoying user interface. I'm sure I don't have the correct forum to pose these improvement recommendations, but I'll gladly post them where they belong if someone replies back to me with the correct location. If by chance there's an option somewhere in a Settings type of menu, please let me know, but I haven't found it yet.


Regardless, the below list is just a few improvements I'd like Canvas to make. Navigation easiness being my number one gripe:


1. The left navigation tree (Account, Dashboard, etc) needs to include the sub-nav tree menu (IE: clicking on Courses brings up Home, Announcements, Grades, etc.). The Sub-nav tree menu needs to be locked on the left for easier course navigation. This will help the student from not having to scroll all the way up to get to the sub-nav tree menu.


2. Discussion needs a BlackBoard interface. If there’s a proprietary issue there, then make it like BlackBoard and the various message boards/forums all across the internet. 

Example: John makes a thread, and with replies to the initial topic, is expandable and collapsible to that thread only. So there could be 5 different threads from 5 different students that can be expanded and collapsed separately. This'll allow students and teachers to be able to navigate the entire discussion area easier. Personally, I have to scroll a lot just to find my post within everything. There is no navigation whatsoever. My only ease of navigating is to CTRL+F (find) and search my name to find my post. This is especially needed for the iOS App. 

3. Within a module, there’s a Previous and Next button at the bottom of the screen. Put it on top as well. This is a huge nuisance on the discussion board screen when I have to scroll down to the very bottom of a discussion board that doesn't allow for collapsing threads, all just to get to the Next button.