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Printing a quiz in Canvas

Question asked by Luke Short on Sep 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2019 by Lisa Risch

A teacher asked me how to print a quiz in Canvas.  I told him:

1. Go to the quiz

2. Click preview

3. Control P to print 


This worked, but, for 6 questions, he had to print 3 pages.  Is there a better way that I'm not aware of?  Is Canvas currently working to improve its ability to print a quiz that is cleaner and uses less paper?  I understand that Canvas is an online Learning Management System and used to get away from paper and pencil, however, we have a number of students with IEPs that require test/quizzes with paper and pencil, or, we also have a number of students that are not allowed on devices, so they cannot take an online quiz.  Granted, the population of this demographic is small, but, it's an obstacle and something that has to be taken into consideration for improvement (in my opinion).