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Documenting grades for assignments that aren't all submitted at once

Question asked by Kathryn Goldfarb on Sep 12, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2018 by Sky V. King (FIU Online)

Hello! Students in my course alternate weeks for submitting different kinds of discussion posts. In other words, in any given week some students will submit discussion questions, some students submit a response, and some students may not submit at all, and students choose when they submit which kind of assignment (thus I can't create groups where specific students have things due and others don't). Is there a way to manually keep track of grades for these submissions, so I can enter the grades as they come in? (It appears there is not a way to do this-- the only work-around would be perhaps to make these non-graded items or something... but I'd like to be able to input individual grades and have them count to a total percentage.) Thank you!