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Cannot access discussion groups

Question asked by Danny Biando on Sep 11, 2018
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I cannot see any discussions whatsoever. Early on in the class we were required to submit a brief bio about ourselves. I was planning on submitting mine on the due date. Early morning of the due date I received an email indicating my bio submission was accepted and a grade of zero was recorded for me. I made several attempts to then actually submit my bio. Canvas indicated my submission was accepted, but my score was still zero. I contacted the instructor who gave me credit but Canvas still indicates the assignment is due. I believe my inability to see any discussions of any kind is related to this issue in Canvas. As I understand it, a bio is necessary to be a part of the class, and my theory is that Canvas does not know that I have submitted one and as such I do not have permission to view the discussion groups. I cannot see the student discussion group regarding all the bios or any other group. I reach the discussion reply page and can enter text, but I do not see any discussions or replies. I have tried different browsers, opening Canvas using browser safe mode and private windows. Turned off antivirus and cleared cache, etc. but nothing works.


Any thoughts?