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Hello community comrades!


We've had a lot of great feedback about the Guides as we have transitioned them into this new community, from their original location at . While we have no current plans to retire the guides from their old location, we are still trying to optimize your experience while using the Canvas Guides within this new community.


Per numerous community requests, we have added index pages for each of the guides. w00t! These can be found in the Guides when you click on a guide link. A great new feature is that you now have an index/table of contents at the top of each guide index!


Our next step is to enhance the guides overview page to be more clean, and inviting. We also want to make sure we are providing the best links to the most important things that should be referenced in the guides. Now we need your help with the following:


    1. Please post before reading other comments
    2. Share your overall favorite of the three mockups listed below
    3. Tell us what you like about the following three mockups
    4. Tell us what we are missing (what other quick links/buttons would be most helpful, if any?)
    5. Tell us what could be improved
    6. Feel free to take a screenshot and rearrange buttons/links/etc, or provide other visual references to present a different approach that you feel might be better


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We hope to have the new Guides Overview page go live on Wednesday, July 15th, so hurry and share your feedback, and encourage others to chime in as well (via @mentioning them.)


Onward and Upward!